There are 1396 food items for category "Coffee Shops". Showing brand breakdown.

Starbucks (1287 items)Tim Hortons (109 items)

Showing items 1-20 of 1396 food items for category "Coffee Shops"

Apple Chai Infusion (Grande)  (Starbucks)
Apple Chai Infusion (Tall)  (Starbucks)
Apple Chai Infusion (Venti)  (Starbucks)
Apple Juice (Grande)  (Starbucks)
Apple Juice (Tall)  (Starbucks)
Apple Juice (Venti)  (Starbucks)
Bagel BELT  (Tim Hortons)
Bagels, 12 Grain  (Tim Hortons)
Bagels, Blueberry (114g)  (Tim Hortons)
Bagels, Cinnamon Raisin  (Tim Hortons)
Bagels, Everything  (Tim Hortons)
Bagels, Onion  (Tim Hortons)
Bagels, Plain (114g)  (Tim Hortons)
Bagels, Sesame Seed  (Tim Hortons)
Bagels, Wheat 'N Honey  (Tim Hortons)
Banana Chocolate Blend (Grande, 2% Milk)  (Starbucks)
Banana Chocolate Blend (Grande, Nonfat Milk)  (Starbucks)
Banana Chocolate Blend (Grande, Soy (US) Milk)  (Starbucks)
Banana Chocolate Blend with Espresso Shot (Grande, 2% Milk)  (Starbucks)
Berry Chai Infusion (Grande)  (Starbucks)
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