There are 61 food items for category "Spices and Herbs". Showing brand breakdown.

Campbell Soup Co. (1 items)Generic (60 items)

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Basil, fresh  (Generic)
CAMPBELL Soup Company, PACE, Dry Taco Seasoning Mix  (Campbell Soup Co.)
Capers, canned  (Generic)
Dill weed, fresh  (Generic)
Horseradish, prepared  (Generic)
Mustard, prepared, yellow  (Generic)
Peppermint, fresh  (Generic)
Rosemary, fresh  (Generic)
Salt, table  (Generic)
Spearmint, dried  (Generic)
Spearmint, fresh  (Generic)
Spices, allspice, ground  (Generic)
Spices, anise seed  (Generic)
Spices, basil, dried  (Generic)
Spices, bay leaf  (Generic)
Spices, caraway seed  (Generic)
Spices, cardamom  (Generic)
Spices, celery seed  (Generic)
Spices, chervil, dried  (Generic)
Spices, chili powder  (Generic)
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