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12 oz. New York Strip  (Applebee's)
12 oz. Ribeye  (Applebee's)
4 oz. Sirloin (KIDS MENU)  (Applebee's)
7 oz. Citrus Lime Sirloin  (Applebee's)
7 oz. House Sirloin  (Applebee's)
7 oz. Marsala Mushroom Sirloin  (Applebee's)
9 oz. Citrus Lime Sirloin  (Applebee's)
9 oz. House Sirloin  (Applebee's)
9 oz. Marsala Mushroom Sirloin  (Applebee's)
Add Fried Shrimp  (Applebee's)
Add Grilled Shrimp  (Applebee's)
Add Guacamole  (Applebee's)
American BLT  (Applebee's)
AmericanBLT  (Applebee's)
Apple Chimi Cheesecake  (Applebee's)
Apple Dippers with Yogurt (KIDS MENU)  (Applebee's)
Applebees House Salad (w/o dressing)  (Applebee's)
Applebees House Salad (without dressing)  (Applebee's)
Applebees Limeades (20 ounces)  (Applebee's)
ApplebeesReuben  (Applebee's)
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