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Breadstick, Dry (1 each)  (Fazoli's)
Chocolate Chunk Cookie  (Fazoli's)
Chocolate Overload Torte  (Fazoli's)
Classic Sampler  (Fazoli's)
Croutons (pack)  (Fazoli's)
Drink, Lemon Ice - Peach  (Fazoli's)
Drink, Lemon Ice - Pomegranate  (Fazoli's)
Drink, Lemon Ice - Strawberry  (Fazoli's)
Drink, Lemon Ice - Triple Berry  (Fazoli's)
Drink, Original Lemon Ice - Large  (Fazoli's)
Drink, Original Lemon Ice - Regular  (Fazoli's)
Garlic Breadstick (1 each)  (Fazoli's)
Kids Meal, Cheese Pizza  (Fazoli's)
Kids Meal, Fettuccine Alfredo  (Fazoli's)
Kids Meal, Meat Lasagna  (Fazoli's)
Kids Meal, Pepperoni Pizza  (Fazoli's)
Kids Meal, Ravioli with Marinara Sauce  (Fazoli's)
Kids Meal, Ravioli with Meat Sauce  (Fazoli's)
Kids Meal, Side of Mandarin Oranges  (Fazoli's)
Kids Meal, Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce  (Fazoli's)
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