Showing items 41-60 of 314 food items for category "Fruits and Fruit Juices"

Apricots, dried, sulfured, stewed, without added sugar  (Generic)
Apricots, dried, sulfured, uncooked  (Generic)
Apricots, frozen, sweetened  (Generic)
Apricots, raw  (Generic)
Avocados, raw, all commercial varieties  (Generic)
Avocados, raw, California  (Generic)
Avocados, raw, Florida  (Generic)
Bananas, dehydrated, or banana powder  (Generic)
Bananas, raw  (Generic)
Blackberries, canned, heavy syrup, solids and liquids  (Generic)
Blackberries, frozen, unsweetened  (Generic)
Blackberries, raw  (Generic)
Blackberry juice, canned  (Generic)
Blueberries, canned, heavy syrup, solids and liquids  (Generic)
Blueberries, frozen, sweetened  (Generic)
Blueberries, frozen, unsweetened  (Generic)
Blueberries, raw  (Generic)
Boysenberries, canned, heavy syrup  (Generic)
Boysenberries, frozen, unsweetened  (Generic)
Breadfruit, raw  (Generic)
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